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We pride ourselves on our Award winning service.

The Fastest Growing Supplier in the South


We supply New and Used Pallets for delivery and collection. Currently trading over 100,000 pallets per month we are growing with our customers and welcoming many more new.

Whatever the requirement we are able to fulfil orders of nearly any quantity.

We pride ourselves on quality with many customers stating that as the reason for choosing us over competitors. 


We understand that Pallets can be a hinderance for some companies and the need for pallet collection and removal is key when it comes to a business keeping streamline operations. Currently we have vehicles from 50 Pallets to 700 Pallets in capacity available to collect from your site, usually within 48 hours.



We have often been asked if we offer more than just standard wooden pallets.  Simple answer. Yes.

We offer custom sizes, materials and strengths. We like to think we can build nearly any type of pallets as we as working with our network of Partners within the industry to make ourselves a one-stop shop for Pallet supplies. If you have a pallet requirement you would like to talk to us about.



Many people don't realise that Pallets can be taken away from their businesses for free and recycled to be resold as used stock. We have a network of Pallet relative websites dedicated to the recycling of Pallets and other distribution materials.


Working with us is simple, with the latest technology and a huge resource to work from, we aim to grow our network into new markets and become the UK's largest provider of New and Used Pallets.

We support Corporate organisations as well as SME's leaving no restrictions to our customer base, our alliances with Pallet charity contributions makes us an ethical choice. We have targeted ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint year by year and become the most environmentally friendly recycler we can be, from our paperless office to our environmentally efficient fleet, we try to do our part towards everyone's future.


Why don't you take a moment to meet the key contacts in our team, click the link below to read more.


Products that have shipped on our pallets

Pallets Direct Mercedes
Pallets Direct Pepsi
Pallets Direct Costa
Pallets Direct Misubishi
Pallets Direct Adidas
Pallets Direct Heineken


Pallets Direct HQ

Itchen Business Park

 Kent Road


SO17 2LJ

Telephone: 023 8017 1048


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