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About Pallets Direct

As a company we are simple folk, we have clear goals and targets with a small but efficient team of just under 20 operatives we aim to run a tight ship that allows you to build relationship with everyone involved in our growing company. Here are just a few of the key contacts we have at Pallets Direct, showing that we are just a human as all of you.

Alexander Tyrrell

Alex is the second generation of waste management, his father Graham was the founder of J&G Metals Group (now J&G Environmental).

Having attended Kingston University and working within every industry available, he went full circle and straight back to his roots, eventually evolving from metal waste to the recycling of Wooden Pallets. 

Alex is a fan of motorsport and often tries his luck on the Forklifts, with a worrying lack of ability. His time in the company is mostly spent in the office where it is consider safer for personnel.

Alex enjoys building relations with other people in the Industry often attending functions and conferences on behalf of the Company, as well as occasionally exhibiting.



Elizabeth Hankin
Accounts Manager

Elizabeth or Libby as she prefers, joined the company to help manage the finances and ensure customers are received our sterling service they have come to expect from the team.

With a huge pool of resources for online and telephone sales, her and her team a pivotal in the growth of the company.

Libby has found herself becoming an anchor in the company having to take on more than her fair share of tasks.

She began her trade in the Training Industry and worked in Sales at Palletmove Part time. Now a full time member of the Pallets Direct team. She has a passion art and we often find scrap pallets drifting out the door for Libby to build furniture and other items for around the office.

When things get a little too much she can always call upon one of her 8 sisters and brother to pick up a paint brush.

Libby is a keen baker and cook, she is single handedly responsible for the staff gaining weight throughout the year.

Kyle Wetselaar

Kyle's business background is from Oil and Energy Markets. Having moved from Oxford to attended Southampton University, he worked with Multi-national corporations investing in Oil as well as attending conferences worldwide for future energy investments. He moved into the Pallet industry bringing with him 10 years experience, which was vital to the success of the company.

Kyle is a keen Golfer, spending most of his playtime at his property in Portugal with his Family. Kyle shares Dutch heritage with Alex, the only difference being Kyle is a fluent Dutch speaker and works closely with our distributors in Holland to handle European Sales.

Charlotte Hankin
Accounts Manager

Charlotte has worked her way up the company from the day we opened the doors, a key member of staff and now in charge of key accounts. She started as our Receptionist for Southampton while she attended University, now still a customer favourite she manages the key Accounts. It is still common to see her jump behind the wheel of the Forklift. Charlotte studied business and finance at Portsmouth University working alongside her sister in training and following her footsteps into pallets.

Charlotte is often out on the roads meeting customers, she prides herself on her customer service. 

Pallets was not the first time she entered Recycling, she first worked within car breaking and part sourcing for the Automotive Industry.

Charlotte can be found frequenting the Racecourses of Britain in the summer enjoying Newbury and Goodwood as favourites.


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