Pallet Services

We offer a whole host of Pallet Services, it can be as simple as delivering a lorry load of Standard Pallets or designing a Pallet to hold the weight of a bespoke marine part. We have services to suit every client broadening our services as we grow without sacrificing quality if service for which we have become renowned for with our customers.

Products that have shipped on our Pallets

New Pallet Sales

Used Pallet Sales

Buying new Pallets is a sometimes the option most suited to businesses using them in an internal network or to present a prestige product to a client upon delivery. Materials differ between wood, plastic and metal. You can have as many as you need with a lead time of around 1 week.

Used Pallets are what 90% of our customers buy, we stock around 30,000 pallets of all varieties. 

A used pallet is check and refurbished before leaving our depot to ensure we uphold our Gold Standard.

We offer our replacement guarantee to be replaced if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality.