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Pallet Collections

What do we collect?

We have a selection of pallets that can be recycled, we can discuss what pallets you have and arrange collection. Collections are usually organised by your account manager who can arrange a vehicle size, date and if necessary  regular/repeat collections based on a basic assessment.

We can usually arrange collection within 24 hours and locally same day.

Please call the team and discuss on 023 80 171 048

Blue Pallets are owned by CHEP, we can return them to CHEP on your behalf but we DO NOT buy or sell Blue CHEP pallets.

So what about the other Pallets?

Well thats a good question, we are constantly receiving calls from businesses looking to relieve themselves of odd and broken pallets considered to be waste. Waste wood is a bigger problem than people realise for a business and the costs can be astronomical. We Pride ourselves on some of the lowest removal prices in the industry. 

We have been constantly cutting the market rate for waste collection and currently sit around half the price of our competitors!

Are you licensed for these pallets?

Believe it or not the industry is littered with companies not covered by the correct paperwork, even down to driver PPE it is common for the people visiting your site to not be covered and protected.

Pallets Direct has everything you need for us to collect, we have all the relevant waste licenses and paperwork as well as being insured up to £10,000,00.

We have a flawless insurance record that has been key in the growth of Pallets Direct.  Your dedicated account handler will be able to help you with any technical questions involving collections.

Can I bring Pallets to you?

We are often asked about this and to be honest its something we are trying to work together on, to make everything as easy as possible. 

We do allow customers to bring Pallets in by appointment only.

We only accept them at a limited number of our partner depots, if you would like to bring pallets to us it can be arranged with a quick phone call.

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